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Virtual advising hours for F21: T/W afternoons 1-3:30, Friday mornings 9-11:30

Visit our Qless queue and follow the prompts to speak with a pre-health advisor during those times.


New Appointment System for Peer Advisors!

We are now using Shoreline to schedule appointments with our peer advisors! We strongly recommend scheduling a 30 minute appointment with our peer advisors as a first stop for your pre-health questions.

Anna Meehan: https://shoreline.ucsb.edu/meetings/1191752/pre-health-advising

Karina Ho: https://shoreline.ucsb.edu/meetings/1196338/karinaprehealthadv

Leah Loftus: https://shoreline.ucsb.edu/meetings/1199527/leahpeerappointment


Attention 2021 Professional School Applicants 

Please visit the Application Systems section for the most up-to-date news regarding COVID-19's impact on your application and admissions tests!


COVID-19 and Campus Closure (Read more about UCSB's response to COVID-19 and its impacts on the campus community here.)

Dear UCSB Pre-Health Students, 

Despite the closure of campus, your pre-health advisors are still available to assist you in pursuing your career goals!  You may schedule a 30 minute phone or Zoom appointment with staff or peer pre-health advisors, using the "Schedule an appointment" button below.  You may also attend a phone drop-in by entering the queue in Qless during our pre-health drop-in hours (See below), or you may send your questions to us via the prehealthinfo@ltsc.ucsb.edu email address.  

We've also included additional information throughout the Health Professions Advising website to assist you during this time. 

Stay safe, and we hope to hear from you soon! 


UCSB Health Professions Advising Staff


UCSB Health Professions Advising provides information and resources to students who are preparing for careers in various areas of healthcare. Whether you hope to become a physician, dentist, veterinarian, nurse, physician assistant, or other healthcare professional, we offer curriculum and academic guidance, including course selection and scheduling as well as career and admissions counseling.

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