Pre-Health Tracks

The UCSB Health Professions Advising Office works with students interested in pursuing some of the most highly sought after careers in healthcare, including medicine, dentistry, and physical therapy, nursing, podiatry, and public health.  No matter what area of healthcare UCSB students are interested in pursuing, our pre-health advisors are here to guide them every step of the way.  

Listed above are the pre-health tracks for some of the common healthcare professions that our students choose to pursue.  These tracks outline the general course requirements for each profession; however, we encourage students to review the specific requirements for each professional school program they are interested in applying to as some requirements may vary. 

We've created a google sheets template that you may use to help organize the information as you research individual program's admissions requirements. To access the sheeet, please Click Here, and then click File-> make a copy.

Attention students considering taking a science course P/NP:  Health Professions Advising strongly discourages pre-health students from changing their grading option for their science courses to P/NP, especially professional school prerequisite courses!  The only exception is if a student knows, without a doubt, that they will earn a C- or below in a course, which would mean an NP would be earned.  Ultimately, if you are still unsure, please speak to a pre-health advisor during drop-in advising.

If you would like to learn about even more careers in healthcare, please contact UCSB Career Services and visit  Current students seeking career counseling and academic advising can schedule an appointment using the L&S Advising Appointment System.  (Click Here)

Note:  Pre-health tracks are not majors, and courses may need to be completed in addition to those already required by your undergraduate major.