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Getting Started

There are many issues to consider prior to starting, while working on, and when submitting your application to professional school programs.  Your application will contain your personal information (demographics), your GPA (cumulative and, in some cases, BCPM/Prerequisite GPA and All Other (AO)), entrance exam scores, personal statement/essay, experiences, and letters of recommendation.  Professional schools vary on how much importance or weight they place on different parts of your application, so your best bet is to do everything you can to ensure that all of the aspects of your application work together to present you as a highly competitive applicant.

This section of the site will provide an overview of what to expect on many professional school applications and help you to get a jump start on developing all the necessary areas.  The key is to seek out meaningful experiences after you've gained a firm understanding of what it means to be a student at UCSB and you've demonstrated academic success, then consult with a pre-health advisor regularly for help evaluating your progress and to gain a sense of your individual level of competitiveness.

Deciding Where to Apply

Please read this document for information and suggestions to help you begin creating your list of professional schools to which you may someday apply.  (Click Here)

MD/PhD Program Info

If you're interested in learning more about MD/PhD programs, then consider exploring the information and resources provided by the AAMC.  (Click Here)

General Application FAQ!

Curious about the professional schools to which UCSB students have been accepted? Click on the program you are interested in to download an Excel data sheet listing where UCSB students went!

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