Application Systems


Many, but not all, health professions programs rely on what are called Centralized Application Services, or CAS systems.  These are systems that allow students to complete a single application that is then distributed to those schools they want to apply to.  Students should note that some institutions do use their own in-house applications.  Each application service publishes a very comprehensive application guide that covers every aspect of their individual applications (For example, AAMC’s 2019 AMCAS Applicant Guide).  These guides are long, but the information is very important and contains answers to almost all questions that might come up while completing applications.

Medical School Application Services

Dental School Applications

Optometry School Application

Physician Assistant School Application

  • CASPA: Link to Website
    • CASPA COVID-19 Updates Click Here
    • Note:  Be sure to visit each program's website to determine how COVID-19 might impact the application process.
  • If you have questions about a program's accreditation status, please review the information at the following link, Click Here.  

Pharmacy School Application

Physical Therapy School Application

Veterinary Medicine School Application

Occupational Therapy School Application

Additional Tips

Gather information ahead of time, such as your journal, resume, and a copy of your unofficial transcript in order to help the process move along. Having your personal statement complete and relevant experiences typed up ahead of time is also important.

Be sure that you use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling throughout the entire application!  Have your written components reviewed by one or more people prior to submitting your application. 

Don’t forget to request official transcripts!  Click here for directions on ordering an official transcript from UCSB’s Office of the Registrar, and be sure to review your program’s application guide to be sure of the steps you need to take for having your official transcripts sent to your appropriate CAS system.

Some application services and entrance exams offer what are called Fee Assistance Programs.  These programs offer discounts to those who qualify.  Be sure to thoroughly review the information in the application guides and test instructions, and allow yourself plenty of time to gather any required documentation to be submitted and processed.

Secondary Applications: Guidelines

1- Completing secondary essays takes time

Don't take an overload of courses in the fall, especially if you apply to many schools

2- Save all of your responses in Word files

Secondary questions can vary with each school.

It becomes easier to revise and tailor your responses if you save all of your essays in Word.

3- Finish the secondaries efficiently because professional schools generally do not send out interview invitations until after the secondaries are received.

4- Have a budget to pay for all of the secondary application fees

5- Do not repeat info or cut and paste from your Personal Statement. If you want to talk about something you mentioned in the personal statement go into more depth and add additional info.  

6- Also make sure you proofread or have someone proofread for you. Often students have beautiful well written personal statements and their secondary essays are not nearly as polished.  It throws a cloud on the personal statement.

7- Make sure you read the schools mission statement so that your secondary essays can address how you fit with their mission statement.